Technicians usually work under the supervision of a librarian and have a strong focus and vital role in customer service.

With a focus on operational and technical aspects of library and information, typcial tasks and responsibilities may include:
•assisting with loan and reference queries at the counter and by phone
•assisting with internet and online database searches
•maintaining library resources, records and systems
•entering and editing data into computerised databases
•operating photocopiers and other IT and AV equipment
•arranging inter-library loans
•develop and present promotional programs, including displays and library tours
•undertake copy cataloguing and classification
•at a senior level – supervise other library or clerical staff; manage a small library or information service or head a section in a large library or information



TASK-5(video sharing-YouTube)

youtube pictureyoutube picture 2

Video Sharing is one of the fastest growing activities online which involve the process of uploading, publishing and sharing video clips online. There are so many different video sharing sites i.e. YouTube, Archive, Vimeo, open film, Daily motion. I have a YouTube account which helps me with the process of video sharing. In my opinion, video sharing is an easy process as only three things are required. These include a camera, a computer and an internet connection. First of all, record a video of your own choice and then connect the recording device to the computer and transfer the file. Then upload the video on YouTube following the step by step process on the website. It’s as easy as that! Big issue of YouTube is copyright. Without permission using someone’s work is copyright infringement. Copyright is a type of property that is founded on a person’s creative skill and labour. It is designed to prevent the unauthorised use by others of a work, that is, the original form in which an idea or information has been expressed by the creator. I use YouTube to watch many videos for entertainment and videos which are informative. YouTube is also used by many to gain fame and find talent. Talent seekers are now launching formal casting campaigns on social networking and talent-oriented sites like YouTube. Libraries are using YouTube for online tutorials, library promotion, fun activities etc. There are many aspects of library use that can be described and demonstrated via video format. From what type of material the library holds to how to search on a specific database – all can be turned into a YouTube video that can be viewed at any time by teaching staff and students.

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TASK 4 (Photo sharing -Pinterest)

pinterest picture

Pinterest is a social media website that allows users to create and share effective notice boards. It’s become popular over the past year (as I heard from my son, he has pinterest account to pin his Xbox games) Many people use this site to plan weddings, birthday parties, or to get inspired to make new dishes or decorate their homes. Libraries and librarians can also use this site to promote the library or sharing ideas. I have been playing with Pinterest for a while now and found a groove that works for me even though it is not necessarily how others might use it.I created few boards to repin pictures from different sites about library, art, yummy food ideas. Libraries are using pinterest in many ways i.e. Pinning book covers, showcasing historic archives, promoting library activity,research,encouraging teens and kids to read, collecting ideas for library programmes,offeruing up access to digital collection, sharing craft projects etc.  What I had learnt how to useit, simply create an account and start following people. The best way to find people to follow is by looking at user’s board that you like and then see who they follow. You can join millions of people who are using Pinterest. You will not regret it.Along with Twitter it is some of the best professional development that I have found. I have learnt so much from the people I follow and gotten so many great ideas.

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Different social media tools have different advantages and disadvantages. Twitter is a social media tool which displays this. It’s called micoblogging. (Limit of 140 words) .The user has the ability to control the content they receive. The user must think carefully about the content of their messages, particularly if they are writing on behalf of a company. What I understand by using it that it is a great delivery tool for knowing, unknown people, and brands. It’s a great way to read news headlines. On the Twitter, Journalist and politicians post information that people would care about. I am following Edmund Tadros, who is the Data Journalist at The Australian Financial review. He has 2,505 followers. I believe gaining followers on Twitter is beneficial for a brand or business to engage with customers. Posting valuable content can surly have more chance to allow people to follow and share your brand.Hastag is a trendy one which is a great way to reach more people. If I take it as a library perspective, carefully crafted post can convey a good deal of information without taking a lot of time to read and write. A library can share all kinds of news that customers want, short messages can tell people about events such as reading, lectures, and book sales, newly available resources or changing the building hours. Conclusion, it pretty much does what it should and what you expect it to do.